Life Cycle of Services:

Not every client has the same requirements for services on their project. Collaboratively we determine how many Phases you'll need for your project to succeed.


We evaluate your needs,existing conditions and provide a few conceptual designs to meet those needs as well as propose concpets you may never have thought of.

Phase 1 Schematic Design: 


Phase 2 Desgin Development: 


We concentrate on refining the plan that incorporates your needs and approved proposals into one design. We'll provide a Preliminary Cost of Construction to evaluate how best to move forward.

Phase 3 Construction Documents: 


We detail the construction requirements and establish the quality levels of materials for the Project. These documents can be used to acheive competive bids to evaluate the Preliminary Cost of Construction.

Phase 4 Bidding / Negotiating: 



We assist you in obtaing bids and/or negotiating proposals to award a contractor the project.

Phase 5: Construction Administration:



We visit the site at various intervals to review and inform you of the progress and quality of work completed. We will review and evaluate any changes the contractor proposes during construction.

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