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We understand the discomfort you're feeling in how to start moving forward in confidence with your new home or renovation. That is why we have curated an easy proven process that guides you in identifying, capturing and measuring your desired results.

We have mastered the art of creative problem-solving in a results-focused way. Throughout our process, you'll make informed decisions on design, budget, scope, and schedule.

Architectural Project Roadmap

welcome to the

A Roadmap for Planning Your Dream Home

how much does it cost to build my dream home?

the cost to build a home is based on various factors like size, location, labor, materials, finishes, features, amenities, complexity, etc. you'll need to build a budget,

brick-by-brick before you build your dream home.


without a design in place, we can't predict how much it will cost to build your home. but with our

dream home cost estimator, you can evaluate what costs to expect and what you'll need to realistically budget for.

Dream Home Cost Estimator


Dream Home Cost Estimator

on this 30 minute phone call, you'll speak directly with architect Tom Stalzer about your project. 

by the end of the call you'll know:


The Expert


if your project is feasible and any potential roadblocks you should look out for.

the approximate budget you should plan to invest in your project.

the top 3 issues that sabotage building projects (and how to avoid them).

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a sink at first-point of entry in the mudroom or garage.

foot-action valve at sink to minmize hand contact with faucet.

Laundry equipment for immediately cleaning contaminated clothes.


anti-microbial countertops to stop spreading germs.

anti-microbial flooring.

Home Office

Convert existing Guest Bedroom into a temporary Home Office.

Renovate Virtual Screen backdrop to minimize client distractions.

Convert Existing Garage into a Home Office.

Install WiFi Boosters to Maximize WiFi coverage.

Install Ethernet connections for more stable connectivity.

Homework Room

Convert Guest Bedroom or Garage into A child's dedicated work area to  minimize distractions.

Install Ethernet or WiFi Boosters to accommodate proper Bandwidth

Family Room

Wall sized TV's to virtually experience loved ones and to virtually explore another part of the world

foot valve.jpg

We realize there is a new normal in a new residential home or renovation. That is why we have curated a list of considerations for your family's safety and well being.

On Residential Design

Affects of COVID-19

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