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project clarity report 

The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying small stones.


You may have spent weeks, months or years researching inspiration for your DREAM HOME. But you can't design something which the local building department won't allow you to build...

Our Project Clarity Report is a baby step in the process of designing your dream home.

The project clarity report is intended to provide a comprehensive investigation into your property's limitations. This research will provide a Project Roadmap of which drawings need to be submitted to which jurisdictions, what time frame is typically required to review/approve the drawings and the associated permitting fees.

Do the Homework Before Rushing into the Design.

Starting a Project with the Project Clarity Report is critical to making informed decisions.

Schedule a phone call to evaluate if the Project Clarity Report is right for you.

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project clarity report

The Purpose of this Analysis is to Set a Strong Foundation, Deepen Rapport with You and Get In An Appropriate Alignment of Values for the Project and our Strategic Approach Moving Forward.

what we'll do together

The Value Conversation

Governmental (Town Hall) Analysis

Site Analysis (as Required)

Set Project Goals

Project Value Clarification and Guidance

what you'll get

Increased Project Clarity

Reduced Risk

Increased Knowledge and Greater Confidence

Design Criteria Focused on Your Desired Results

Increased Excitement in Achieving Your Desired Project Outcome

An Experienced Design Team with Deep Residential Experience



Start the Conversation.

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